About Thinking in Spain

om denken spanje


A construction project (almost) always ends.

At the Spanish Steps they have found a solution.

Nothing no end date!

It’s finished when it’s finished!

It’s that simple Pura Vida!

They soon shout here in Spain” estará bien “Come on, this means surprise, sometimes you have to go back 3 times.

If you want to take over a catering company in Spain, they always start comparing with their home country or the Netherlands, you have to forget this right away. You are in Spain here, different values ​​and rules and prices and appraisals apply as in other countries.

Find out for yourself and information costs nothing at all, do not pay first and then see if they can arrange something.

Don’t do anything without agreements, this is the only handle you can use if things go wrong.

But also take a specialist in your hands who can really advise you in the takeover and does not rely on 1 person, or who thinks well the advice of someone.

People want to emigrate and then it is often the thoughts, just this for a moment and this can be arranged quickly, do I have to have it for next week?

Everything works differently here in Spain, we always say Thinking about it is normal here and arranging something quickly is not possible here in Spain.

Do you want more information or are you already planning your emigration to take over or start a business in Spain, send an email to info@horeca-spanje.com and we will contact you

Your dream is our success !!!

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