March 2021

the blood is gushing through the streets

But how do you know if this moment has arrived? When does a stock market correction become a stock market crisis? And more importantly: how do you know whether the bleeding has stopped and the bottom has been reached? Because that, of course, is the moment to get back in.   Now that we have gone through the deepest trough and the blood is stopping, it is precisely the opportunity to start...

Association for the Support of the Hospitality Industry in the Valencian Community.

What is SOS Hospitality? SOS Hosteleria is a non-partisan and open association, involving entrepreneurs from the world of hospitality, cooks , waiters , employees in the Hosteleria and food and beverage distribution sector of the Valencian community. 35,000 existing hotel establishments in the Valencian Community employ 190,000 people. With a turnover of just over EUR 12...

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