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Information about Horeca Spain

Horeca Spain is a young, ambitious company with a very strong formula. We have professional real estate agents at various locations in Spain, all with years of experience in the business.

At Horeca Spain, you, the client, are central!

We are an extremely flexible company with an enormous drive to help you. Our professional estate agents work with short lines of communication and have a lot of personal attention for you, so that we can make your purchase or sale successful. We take care of you during and after the purchase/sale, because unlike many other estate agents, we find after-sales very important. We like to build a long-term relationship with you: your success is also our success!

We can also assist you as an advisor in the hospitality industry, we are happy to help you with anything you may come across as an entrepreneur in the hospitality industry.

Our services

Buying and selling
Consultancy services for buying and selling properties
Renting and Leasing
Mediation services for renting and leasing properties
Self sale
Package where you arrange the sale yourself
Financing packages
Property management
Assistance with real estate investments
Investment portfolio
Own investment portfolio
Key management
Valuations of real estate, inventory and rental value
Hospitality advice
Supporting the entrepreneur in managing his business

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