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Is it your dream to start your own hospitality business in Spain?

Then Horeca Spain is the right place for you!

Horeca Spain is a licenced real estate agency with extensive experience in the purchase and sale of hospitality businesses on the Costa Blanca.
We know the ins and outs of the Spanish market and with our expertise we can guide you through the entire process. But it doesn’t stop with the purchase, also afterwards you can count on Horeca Spain for further assistance. That is where we stand out! Would you like to know more about starting a business in Spain? Please feel free to contact us, we would like to be your partner in this adventure! Looking for something specific and you can’t find it in our offer? Please contact us and we will look for the perfect match for you!

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Hoe worden negatieve reviews beantwoord?

Online reviews spelen een steeds grotere rol bij de keuze van een consument. Voordat een klant gaat reserveren bekijkt diegene eerst de reviews van een restaurant.
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Waarom bij ons investeren?

Wij waarderen de samenwerking met onze investeerders en bieden daarom een ​​stressvrije investering en de mogelijkheid om een ​​regelmatig inkomen te ontvangen door met ons samen te werken.
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Online restaurant bookings grew by 30% this Easter

Meals accounted for 78% of total online bookings made (7% more than February), due to time and...
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It’s time to buy when the blood is gushing through the streets

But how do you know if this moment has arrived? When does a stock market correction become a stock...
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