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Nu een bedrijf opstarten in Spanje?

Er zijn vele voordelen om in Spanje een bedrijf op te starten in deze tijd. Het land heeft bijna 48 miljoen inwoners, waaronder een paar miljoen, Duitsers, Engelsen, Scandinaviërs en Nederlanders. Dus je hebt een grote Spaanse markt en een grote Engels sprekende markt. Verder is Spanje bijna 14 keer groter dan Nederland en daardoor is er heel veel meer mogelijk. Vanwege de crisis zijn de...

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Tips to prevent absenteeism in the hospitality business!

Tips to prevent absenteeism in the hospitality business in Spain Non-medical cause of absenteeism in the hotel and catering industry in Spain A very large proportion of absenteeism in the hospitality business has a non-medical cause. We know that a manager can have a lot of influence on the absenteeism rate. For example, because a strong performance-oriented leadership style is associated with more...

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How much is your company worth?

Valuation in Spain! Spain works very differently to the Netherlands. There is a difference between the enterprise value and the price paid for a company. The enterprise value is a number that is the result of a certain valuation method to determine the enterprise value. The price is the amount the buyer pays and is the outcome of a negotiation process. Price and enterprise value are usually...


Sale and leaseback Spain

What does Sale and Leaseback mean? What can we do for you in the hospitality industry in Spain? Sale and leaseback is a construction where you, as the owner of a home, sell your property and rent it back immediately. This way you can continue to use the house and you also have your capital at your disposal to meet a possible investment need in your business premises or in your home. In a sale...

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