January 2021

In bad economic times, more people become millionaires than in good times?

What do these people do differently from the masses? Investing in hospitality businesses on the Costa Blanca When the blood runs in the streets you have to buy, this is always a guarantee of success because it cannot get any worse!In such a period, the super investor Warren Buffett made his move and bought a large block of Goldman Sachs shares. The shares were at a historic low and the company needed a lot...

Corona vaccination mandatory for hospitality staff? Yes or No

Now that the Netherlands and Spain are again suffering from the corona pandemic, all hope is pinned on the rapid roll-out of vaccines. But what if an employee doesn't want to be vaccinated? Can you, as a hospitality entrepreneur, oblige your staff?It has been a point of discussion in health care for years. Those who do not get vaccinated against contagious diseases may not only put themselves at risk, but...


Back to the hospitality companies. If you start a hotel and catering business under the sun, you can of course be quite critical. In fact, being critical is a requirement.That starts with the question: 'What do you need? This leads to criteria such as "in a welcome environment, should your hospitality company be located" and "how big should a room be". Is it a building or do you need a large building if...

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