October 2021

Het roer om spanje

How I sold my bar and restaurant in Spain

Although there are many estate agents marketing bars restaurants hotels and B&B, our bar was something unique and when Maggie handed over the sale to an estate agent she seemed to see her business lost in the ether of the hundreds of bars for sale in Spain. That was when she https://horeca-spanje.com/ was recommended by an estate agent she knew. Using the site gave Maggie the chance to sell her...

horecabedrijf overnemen spanje

hospitality business or bed and breakfast in Spain

Start your own business Starting a business in Spain Starting a business in Spain. Do you have plans to move to Spain and start your own business? Or you already live in Spain and are going to start or take over a business? In order to open a catering business, you will need to apply for two additional licences, depending on the regional laws and regulations. Ask for this at the relevant regional...

horeca overname spanje

Horeca bedrijf in Spanje

Hier vindt u informatie die handig kan zijn wanneer u overweegt om de horeca in Spanje in te gaan beginnen. Horeca’ is een typisch Nederlandse term die bestaat uit de woorden hotel, camping, restaurant en café. Onder de term zult u in Spanje dus niet zo snel iets vinden, maar er zijn uiteraard genoeg van deze bedrijven te vinden. Van hostel tot een groot hotel met veel kamers, tavernes tot chique...

horecabedrijf overnemen spanje

Buying a hospitality business in Spain

There are only a few entrepreneurs in Spain who are the first to start a hotel and hospitality business in a building. It is more common for an entrepreneur to take over a building and/or the accompanying business from someone and then build up his own concept from there. Despite the corona crisis, many entrepreneurs still want to take over a hospitality business in Spain. Nevertheless, the number of...

Out of the box denken moderne stereotypen en angsten

The term out of the box thinking is very common, you could also describe it as creative thinking. People who think out of the box are often seen as innovators. Innovation is of great importance in our world and thinking outside the box is a valuable skill! In this article, we have collected tips to help you think out of the box. We often think that innovation is all about having an innovative...

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