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What does Sale and Leaseback mean?

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Sale and leaseback is a construction where you, as the owner of a home, sell your property and rent it back immediately.

This way you can continue to use the house and you also have your capital at your disposal to meet a possible investment need in your business premises or in your home.

In a sale and leaseback construction   the buyer makes a good investment because he buys a property that is immediately provided with its return.

Advantages of a Sale and Leaseback agreement?

– The freed up capital is immediately available.
– You continue to live in your own home.
– The care of the maintenance is for the investor, you do not have to worry about that.
– Any contribution to the Home Owners Association will lapse (you are no longer the owner).
– Long-term leases.
– You lose the say with regard to the house and you are dependent on the cooperation of the investor for adjustments and improvements.

You and your partner and/or family have built up memories in the home and sale and leaseback can be a solution.

You do not have to move and you can cash in the equity of the house, so that you still have access to capital.

Sale and leaseback is a form of financing that requires thorough preparation.

You can discuss the terms and conditions that will be included in the lease agreement with the investor.

You will also have the opportunity to talk to several interested investors.

This can have interesting financial benefits.

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