Buying a hospitality business in Spain

horecabedrijf overnemen spanje

There are only a few entrepreneurs in Spain who are the first to start a hotel and hospitality business in a building. It is more common for an entrepreneur to take over a building and/or the accompanying business from someone and then build up his own concept from there.

Despite the corona crisis, many entrepreneurs still want to take over a hospitality business in Spain. Nevertheless, the number of takeovers and mergers in the hospitality sector here in Spain is on the rise.

The expectation is that this increase will pick up quickly. Do you also want to take over a hospitality business in Spain, but you don’t know where to start?

The benefits of taking over a business

As a hospitality entrepreneur, it can be very interesting to take over an existing business, because the foundation is already there. Of course, you will still have to make enough changes to make it fit your concept, but it can be a nice boost to start with taking over a business where the basis is already present.

How to find businesses to take over 

Real estate agents have a wide range of businesses that are for sale. They are specialised in the market and the industry, and can therefore provide you with the right advice. They can help you with insurances, a purchase broker, valuations and financing

Determining the value of the business

To determine the value of the company, you need to know whether only the company is sold or also the premises.

A business consists of goodwill and inventory location.

The property is separate from this, and it often happens that the current owner of the business is not the owner of the property.

In that case, the business is bought, while the premises still need to be rented. The reason behind this construction often has to do with capital: there is of course less direct capital needed to rent a property than to have to buy it as well. In this case, the value of the business is based on the market value of the inventory.

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