Tips to prevent absenteeism in the hospitality business!

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Tips to prevent absenteeism in the hospitality business in Spain
Non-medical cause of absenteeism in the hotel and catering industry in Spain

A very large proportion of absenteeism in the hospitality business has a non-medical cause.
We know that a manager can have a lot of influence on the absenteeism rate.
For example, because a strong performance-oriented leadership style is associated with more burn-out complaints among employees.
So how can you design your business to prevent absenteeism?

Preventing absenteeism in the hospitality business in Spain easier

Make sure you have a clear absenteeism policy

So don’t create a thick tome, but a working method that everyone understands.

Make sure you have one-to-one conversations as an entrepreneur

Actively ask how employees think things are going and do something with the information you get. In short: work on bonding with your employees.

If you see or hear something strange, don’t wait

Go for a coffee together at a quiet moment and offer a listening ear. Some employees are introverted and only come when it’s too late.

Offer clarity and confidence in your own abilities

Make sure it is clear what is expected of the employee on a daily basis and make sure he or she has the right knowledge. This will prevent stress.

Emphasise development rather than performance

How did you achieve rather than what did you achieve? So this also means a culture where mistakes are allowed, after all, you can learn from them.

Having a bad day is allowed

Be happy when an employee is candid about his or her mood. Of course, you don’t want this to lead to worse work. See what you can adjust in work that day.

In case of multiple bad days, have an extensive discussion.

Look for opportunities to combine work and private life in the best possible way.

It is good to think about the role of the manager.

Because a manager who places more emphasis on development and enters into preventive discussions with employees needs coaching and communication skills.

We at Hospitality Spain would like to help you put on paper a plan of action for the right clear regulations that all your employees will sign at a lecture we will hold within your organisation

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